Rehab Bali : Recovery for addicts, and expenses !


Rehab Bali : Recovery for addicts, and expenses !

The Scott Mynors Foundation ( are an addiction treatment facility based in Bali.   Scott and Howard from the team approached BukuBuku in 2016 when setting up the facility to assist with their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

In 2017, the centre was in preparation for being able to receive clients who they help with treatment for a range of addictions including Alcohol and Drug addiction including Heroin, Ice, prescription medications and more.   As is typical of many small businesses when starting out they were managing their accounting using a paper based approach and using spreadsheets to keep track of expenses and cost of refurbishment and setup of their Detox and Rehabilitation Centre in Sanur, Bali.

The BukuBuku team were able to help this the team at Rehab Bali get this paper based situation under control, and get a Xero setup going to properly track and manage expenses and future income.    We also assisted them with setup of all their company details in Xero and making sure the accounting system reflected their company structure and the way they wanted to manage the business.    Since that time, the team have been able to get good control and visbility of their accounts including profit and loss reporting and managing cash flow.

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